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SEASON 2023 : ​


MARCHEPIED Co. is supported annually speak Canton de Vaud, Department of Culture, infrastructure and human resources (DCIRH) for all of its activity. 



Ville de Lausanne

Ville de La Tour-de-Peilz



Loterie Romande

Pour-cent culturel Migros
Sophie und Karl Binding Stiftung

Fondation Engelberts


Arsenic, Centre d'art scénique contemporain, Lausanne

studio2, Lausanne


Migros Vaud

Stiftung Corymbo

Fondation Fern Moffat

Fondation Casino Barrière de Montreux

Fondation Oertl

Professional springboard 

6 months period

MARCHEPIED Co. (Lausanne) is a Swiss project, a Vaud initiative listening to the young generations of contemporary dance performers. It engages in a dynamic of employability for freshly graduated dancers by offering them a paid immersion space that supports their career beginnings.


A veritable, payed, professional springboard over a period of 6 months, the MARCHEPIED Co. offers 5 graduate candidates, at the end of their training, an artistic enhancement and professional visibility through the experience of choreographic creation and performances on national and international stages.


This program of immediate recognition and of total immersion, is a dive into the professional environment, a space for consolidating the tools expected by recruiting choreographers. It is an experience where you encounter real choreographic conditions and develop networks with Swiss and foreign companies.


This work and research space facilitates the professional integration of emerging dancers through open spaces, masterclasses and workshops with internationally renowned choreographers, original choreographic creations, cultural mediation activities and a 20-date tour organised in Switzerland and abroad.


CORINNE ROCHET and NICHOLAS PETTIT,  artistic director and choreographers, started the MARCHEPIED in 2001 in order to compensate for the lack of training in contemporary dance in Switzerland. In 2020, the structure offers a space for professional immersion and accompanies young performers to become part of the professional world of contemporary dance.

Always involved in the development and integration of the young generations of performers, Corinne Rochet and Nicholas Pettit are called upon to participate in the commissions for setting up the CFC - dancer-performer in Geneva, as well as the Bachelors in contemporary dance from the Manufacture in Lausanne or for the ZHdK in Zurich. They have been part of the committees of the Vaudoise Association for Contemporary Dance or the Association for the Retraining of Professional Dancers. Their commitment as a choreographer, pedagogue or politician gives them a complete vision of the professional requirements of the contemporary dance milieu.

At the same time, Corinne Rochet and Nicholas Pettit are developing their own projects. They create, through their pieces, a universe that is both graphic and poetic. The two choreographers focus on the development of a danced vocabulary, a formal and aesthetic research close to the plastic arts. Their pieces are presented in various countries such as: Switzerland, France, England, Russia, Italy, Ireland, Romania or Portugal, ...  In 2006, they sign FIZZ, duo with which they are laureates of the EUROPEAN COMPETITION OF CHOREGRAPHY AEROWAWES. In 2007, they received the PRIX DE L'ÉVEIL from the Fondation Vaudoise pour la Culture.

Corinne Rochet, obtained in 1995 her State Diploma in teaching contemporary dance. She is a performer for many choreographers such as Dominique Bagouet, Michel Kéléminis, Philippe Saire (dancer/assistant), Guilherme Botelho, Fabienne Berger, Da Motus. She is regularly invited to teach for various professional companies such as Cie Philippe Saire, Cie Alias, Cie Linga, Bern:Ballet, as well as for professional training (coline, Junior Ballet of Geneva, Epsedanse) or in schools.

Nicholas Pettit holds a Bachelor's degree in contemporary dance. He trained at the Laban Center in London and worked with Claude Brumachon, Daniel Larrieu, Jean Gaudin, Stéphanie Aubin, William Petit, Philippe Saire (dancer/assistant) but also with various directors such as Pascal Frankfurt (dancer/ actor), Christian Egger, Jean Winiger (choreographer/dancer). Nicholas Pettit, is regularly invited to teach for various professional companies such as the Cie Philippe Saire, the Bern: Ballet, the Cie Alias, the Martigny Theater School as well as for professional training (coline, Junior Ballet of Geneva, Cie Transition ) or in schools.

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