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E.R.D, regular training sessions. of the emerging.ex and professional.le.x

From January, the ERD, regular training sessions for emerging.ex and professionals.le.x are open from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and given by invited choreographers.exs and s emergent.exs of the WALKBOARD Cie. The AVDC, Association vaudoise de danse contemporaine offers us its support and allows dancers with the AVDC card  and/or RP danses - Genève et d'Action-Danse Fribourg, to reduce the price of the card. ​


ERD 2024 card: 200.- CHF for 65 lessons reducing the price of the course to 3.- CHF.   

With the AVDC, RP danses - Genève, Action-Danse Fribourg card : 100.- CHF.

Become an AVDC member:


Unit price at  10.- CHF

REGISTRATION:  or you can go directly to Stduio2, Rue du Valentin 35, 1004 Lausanne.

For AVDC members, please come with your card.

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