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In 2003, Corinne and Nicholas Pettit*Rochet founded their company in Lausanne (Switzerland). They benefit from a fixed-term grant agreement from the STATE OF VAUD for the years 2012-2014, 2015-2017, 2018-2020. In 2006, they were laureates of the AÉROWAWES EUROPEAN CHOREOGRAPHY COMPETITION . In 2007, they received the Awakening Prize awarded by the FONDATION VAUDOISE POUR LA CULTURE.  


Corinne and Nicholas Pettit*Rochet create, within their work, a universe that is both graphic and poetic.

Since 2018, they have placed at the center of their research:  the substance "water" as a constitutive, interpretative and creative inductor. 

"First, to enter into and through the substance, substance that becomes matter. To make this material a physical, kinesthetic experience that triggers sensations, emotions, affects. At the origin of this approach is a personal research : an experience as performers and choreographers, the search for a specific experience  in their mixed with moments of grace. Our vocabulary develops in a flow: between fluidity and thickness of gestures, between anchoring and overflowing. Our pieces are conceived as spaces for play, inviting the public to enter them, leaving them free to do their own search for meaning and satisfy their need for abstraction."

In 2003, Corinne and Nicholas Pettit*Rochet signed J'assume . In 2005, Blink premiered at the Festival des Printemps de Sévelin in Lausanne. In 2004, they created Roberto, a solo commissioned as part of the Festival – Zücher Theaterspektakel . During the same year, they signed Monique solo and the quintet The Slow motion Experience . ​ In 2006, they signed FIZZ , a duo with which they won the EUROPEAN AEROWAWS CHOREOGRAPHY COMPETITION. This appointment allows them to showcase their work internationally. In 2007, they created Alright Love and in 2009 a choreographic series, of three 35 minute episodes , entitled MEST, presented firstly within the framework of the International Festival of Lausanne . In 2010, Corinne Rochet was invited by Cathy Marston director of Bern: Ballett – dance company of the Stadttheater Bern for the creation of the choreographic piece, Des fois, je … Comment dire … and in 2011, the company presented two new creations Transitland, trio premiered at the Théâtre Sévelin 36 as well as Journal d'Elle , a solo presented as part of the Swiss tour of Tanzfaktor Interregio 2011. In 2012, they signed Hakama, premiered at the Théâtre de l'Octogone. In 2013, they created their first show for young audiences Fontaine, je boirai de ton eau presented at the Petit Théâtre in Lausanne. In 2014, STRESS BIOLOGY premiered and brought together 18 dancers on the stage of the Arsenic – Center for Contemporary Scenic Art in Lausanne. For their 2015 creation, Corinne and Nicholas Pettit*Rochet choose the duo and go back together onto the stage of the Arsenic with MORPHOSES . In 2017, they presented at the Arsenic, KALEOS, a piece for 4 tall dancers that places the audience at the heart of the choreographic object. In 2019, they present BENDERs at the Théâtre de l'Octogone , a piece for 4 performers-acousticians combining music or more particularly circuit-bending and contemporary dance. In 2020, programmed by the Théâtre Sévelin 36 , a duo LA BRASSE DES PAPILLONS brings them together and plunges them into the heart of the Montétan swimming pool in Lausanne. Their pieces are presented in SWITZERLAND , FRANCE, ENGLAND , RUSSIA , ITALY , IRELAND , ROMANIA, in PORTUGAL .

In 2001, to make up for the lack of training in contemporary dance in Switzerland, they fonded Le MARCHEPIED, now called the MARCHEPIED Cie, a professional springboard of 5 months spread over 6, full time, with a first salary and for dancers freshly out of higher education in contemporary dance.

Corinne Rochet trained in France with Anne-Marie Porras (Epsedance) and within the framework of Dominique Bagouet's Professional Integration Unit . Since 1995, she has held the State Diploma in Contemporary Dance Education . Nicholas Pettit holds a Bachelor of Art from the Laban Center in London.

Corinne Rochet has performed for many choreographers such as Dominique Bagouet, Michel Kélémenis, Rui Horta, Guilherme Botelho, Philippe Saire (dancer/assistant), Nicole Seiler, Da Motus, Fabienne Berger. Nicholas Pettit has worked with Claude Brumachon, Daniel Larrieu, Jean Gaudin, Stéphanie Aubin, William Petit, Gaspard Burma, Nicole Seiler, Arthur Kuggeleyn, Philippe Saire (dancer/assistant) but also with various theatre directors such as Pascal Frankfurt (dancer / actor), Christian Egger, Jean Winiger (choreographer/dancer).

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