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Corinne and Nicholas Pettit*Rochet experiment with the substance “water” as a constitutive, interpretative and creative inductor. The two choreographers develop a sensory gestural vocabulary based on mental imagery, the dynamics and particularities of the substance “water”. Water as the motor point of the danced gesture, offers us a research linked to a singular thought: to become fluidity, to become liquid. Stop talking about flesh, bones, nerves, blood, emotions, think yourself: water. From this water contained in our body, water generating actions, trajectories, impulses, circulations, descents and ascents, suspended immobility. Getting caught up in the flow between balance and imbalance, becoming reflective, flexible, adaptable. How to join in a system of " conscientisation" rid of all knots? How to cross time and space beyond oneself, free from all tension?

Corinne and Nicholas Pettit*Rochet focus their research on 5 founding principles:
- The spinal column as a pathway.
- From mobility to instability within the feet.
- From the center to the outside, from the outside to the center.
- From the movement of breathing to the movement that is danced
- Isolation, dissociation and fragmentation of the different parts of the body
- Energy management in the service of ample, dazzling and sensitive gestures.

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